Monday, May 25, 2009

Human Rights Trainings in SIQA

14-15th May 2009
The trainings about Human Rights was lead by polish specialists- Boguslaw Stanislawski (Chairman of Council in The Other Space Foundation, former member of Amnesty Interantional Poland) and Piotr Cykowski (head of the Tibetan Programme of Other Space Foundation). During they presented hostory of human rights idea, what are human righs and why they are or are not needed in contemporary world.

Monday, May 4, 2009

European Union Presentations in Rustavis' Schools

Together with latvian volunteer Liene from Skauts organisation we've started European Union Presentation in Rustavis' schools! Presentation has form of quiz which containts basic informations about European Union (territory, population, history, institutions etc). After it we present short movies about our countries and some information about them. Pupils can partcipate in presentation by showing theirs knowlegde and indicate right answers!


The timeline of Presentations in Rustavi Scools

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Novruz Festival in Baku (Azerbaijan)

In 16-22 March participated in Novruz Festival in Baku (Azerbaijan). Festival was celebration of Novruz Bayram (21.03)- the begining of Spring. Festival was organized by AEGEE-Baki group. I took part in traditional treasure hunt, azerbaijani dance course and in traditional novruz dinner with azerbaijani family! Beside that I could visit Mardakan Qalasi (fortress), Atashgah (Fire temple), Qobustan and (the most exciting for me!) mud volcanoes. More information about Novruz Festival you can find in presentations below (presentations was prepered by AEGEE-Baki). Visit on Festival gave me also chance to meet great friends from different countries!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Presentation of Poland

On 27th February I was in school nr 20 to show presentation about Poland. The presentation was a part of English lesson for Russian language class. Youth had a lot of questions (sometimes really difficult) so I hope it was interesting experience for me and for them too. Youth should prepare polish guide in the following lessons. I’m waiting for the result : )

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

David Gareja and Sighnaghi Trip

David Gareja Monastery complex is situated near to Rustavi- in the south-east part of Georgia, on the border between Georgia and Azerbaijan (part of the complex is situated on the Azerbaijani side). The rock-hewn Monastery arose in 6th century and was developed to 13th century. For me it was obligatory place to visit in Georgia, so when I only had a chance I went there. On Sunday 15 February I came to David Gareja with the company of EVS volunteers, tourists from Poland and other foreigners who are living in Tbilisi. I wasn’t disappointed. Rocky Monastery with many of cells with old frescoes, located on the half-desert is very impressive. Sighnaghi was the next point of our trip. It is a small town in Kakheti Region. Thanks to a beautiful location. The town overlooks the Alazani Valley and faces the Greater Caucasus Mountains. Thanks to beautiful location and historical building the town is, in my opinion one from the most beautiful in Georgia. Georgians regard Sighnaghi as a place of love